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Terms of use

Terms of using the site

Welcome to the site of our company Manos Candles. Before entering or using our company's site, please read carefully the following terms and conditions of use. The material and use of the site are subject to the following terms and conditions. By choosing to visit our site, you automatically agree that you have read, understood and agree to the following terms and conditions of the specific site.

Use of the Website

The website of the company and its contents agree with Greek law. Laws of other countries may
differ. Any kind of material or service provided through this website to a country, is not applicable
to the laws of the specific country. The company holds the right to forbid the availability of its products and services to any client or geographical region and/or limit the quantities of any product or service that it provides.

Limitations of Use of the Website

By visiting our website, you agree with its use only for purposes that are subject to the applicable law
and regulations. In case of other use, you violate the copyrights of the company, and your actions may be prosecuted.
You are obliged to abstain from any illegal, or contrary to the commercial practices and the unfair use of the website. You are also obliged to abstain from any action that could cause any kind of damage to the company or a third party or cause any disfunction or put to danger the website.
You agree NOT to use our website in order to :
1. Copy systematically part or the entire website with the intention to create
a collection, catalogue or data base without the company's conscent.
2. To upload, publish, send, move, file or make available with any other way material that contains viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to hurt, or/and limit the normal function of the entire website or part of it.
3. Make changes or alterations to the entire or part of our website, or allow the combination or the integration of the website's content to other programs.
4. Endanger our website.
5. Stalk, threaten, disparage or cause any damage to the company or any user of our website.
6. Transmit or acquire access to content that insults the company or user or comes to contradiction with the law and the commercial practices.
7. Acquire access, disparage, process or change the privacy of our website's user.
8. Upload, download, publish, send, transmit, file or make available in any way, any content that may be considered illegal, assaulting, threatening, disparaging, slandering,abusive, violent, indescent, pornographic, insulting, racist or questionable.
9. Remove, hide, change or alter any kind of the company's statement, including the logo and the privacy rights that are attached or included to the website.
10. Publish, send, move or make available any unwanted or not authorized e-mails (junk mail, spam) or chain letters and advertisements of mass mail.
11. Collect or save personal data, that could be used in collaboration with any of the above forbidden transactions.

Intellectual Rights

The websites content is protected by the Intellectual Rights provisions and is exclusive ownership of the company. The contents of the website can be copied only for personal use, and cannot be reproduced in a different way. You cannot copy, download, change, publish or reproduce the entire or part of any information of a text of this website, or copy or use pictures and texts of the website without written permission from the company. Nothing contained in this website is considered eligible with any intellectual right or patented or logo of the company.


All the logos and the product names, independently if they appear with letters, symbols or images, they belong to the company. The use or alteration of these logos is strictly forbidden and it constitutes of violation of the intellectual rights of logos. We would like to inform you that our company intends to protect its rights.

Security of the Intellectual Rights

Our company respects the protection of the privacy of the users of this website. Please consult the Privacy Policy, that you will find in the webpage of the company, that explains the purpose of the use of the privacy data that is collected and sets the rights and the obligations of the users of this website.

Non Confidential Information

With the exception of any applied terms and conditions that can be found in the Privacy Policy text, any kind of communication or any other material that you send us through the internet, or e-mail, our company will process as non confidential. Our company is free to use any idea conception and the know-how that is contained in this form of communication for any purpose, including the distribution of products that offers through the internet.

Websites and Third Party Links

This website may include links or references to other sites that belong to a third party and their control doesn't belong to our company. Likewise, our website may be accessed through links from other sites, and our company holds no control of them. Our company does not guaranty or promise about the accuracy of the information that are included in these websites, and is not responsible for any kind of damage or loss that may occur by them. Any access to a website linked to our company's page, doesn't mean that our company approves or recommends.

Exclusion of Liability

Our company will try in every possible way to include to its website accurate and reliable information, however, none can guaranty or promise for the accuracy of our website. The user is responsible of any danger that may occur by entering this website. The company cannot guaranty or promise for the suitability of its products for a specific purpose. In addition the company is not responsible for the availability of certain products. The company and the designers of the website are not responsible for any damage caused to the user of this website, including any direct , indirect or by chance any damage that may be caused by negligence of an employee, unless it is proved that the negligence or the misinformation was caused by the management of the company with the intention of causing damage to the particular user. The exclusion of the responsibility includes the transmission of a virus to the computer of the user.


The user agrees to compensate and defend the company, the employees , the board of directors, the representatives, the suppliers and any co-workers, from any loss, expense, damage and cost , plus the payment of the Law advisers, that may occur from any violation of the terms and conditions of the website by the user. The company declares that in any attempt of its' defamation and its services through the internet or a blog or any other kind of publication, the company will take any legal measures to defend its interests and the restoration of its reputation.

Products Description

Our company tries to be as accurate as possible with the description of the products' characteristics. In case you don't feel covered by the product description offered, please feel free to contact us, in order to solve any question and to serve you the best way possible. Our company holds the right to change the description of its products without any previous notice. Any change will be valid by its appearance to the website.


The prices of all products in our website, are retail prices and the vat is included. The final cost of each order will be calculated after packaging and transportation costs are added to the retail price. The client will be informed of the final cost of the product before submitting the order. The valid price is the one that applies at the time of the order. The company holds the right to change its products' prices, however this will not affect any order that have been submitted before the change. The company provides you with the choice of selecting the way of invoicing ( receipt or invoice ), by completing the relative field at the site. The transaction will be completed only after the confirmation through the internet, by the company. Please note that the company may resign from fulfilling an order,
irrevocably and in that case money that has been received will be returned.

Products' Guaranties

In case any of the products is defective, the shipment expenses to the company and back to the customer will be paid by the customer.

Products Shipment

Most of the products are shipped within the next 3 days of order.
All deliveries are done in all working days Monday to Friday 9.00-20.00 and Saturday 9.00-14.00 (in Attica).

Risk of Loss or Products Destruction

All products are insured for damage or loss through the delivery time. Upon delivery to the customer the insurance is invalid.

Product Return

Upon receiving the product, for your own convenience , please pay attention to the product's condition, the packaging should be intact, in order to establish whether the product is damaged or wrong delivery. In order to return products that are sold through our website the following terms apply:
In accordance with the law of customers protection, the client holds the right to return the product within the next fifteen days of receipt. The packaging must be intact and the product must not be used. In that case the shipment cost will be paid by the customer.
In case the product is defective the company will replace it with a new one within fifteen days. The shipment cost will be taken care of by the company.
In case the product is damaged, the client holds the right to get the money back orexchange it with a new one, with the same price, within 15 days of receipt, under the condition that the the product was checked in the presence of the carrier ( please note that the carrier is obliged to stay during the unpackaging of the order). In this case, the return and the shipment of the new product will be taken care by the company.
In case of wrong product shipment, which is the company's mistake, the customer holds the right to return it within the next 15 days of receipt. The product should be unused and intact in its original package. The return expenses will burden the company.
In all of the above cases, the customer has the responsibility for the loss or more damage of the goods until they return to the company. Therefore we would advise you to return the goods registered via the post office or a courier company.
In case of an advance payment, for products made to order, returns are not accepted.

Under Age

The use of the website is forbidden to people under the age of 18, or to people who don't have the legal right.

General Terms and Conditions

In case any of the above terms and conditions of use is illegal, canceled or not able to be executed, this particular term will not apply, without affecting the validity of all the other terms and conditions.
The company hold the right anytime to change anyone or a number of terms and conditions that are stated and the users will be considered that they are informed and have accepted the changes, once they
appear on the company's website. The company holds the right to change or erase any material from the site at any time.

Transactions Security

Secure Credit Card Transaction with Piraeus bank Guaranty

In case you choose to pay by credit card, the number, expiration date and the CCV number goes directly to the Piraeus Bank e-Commerce website. Our website does not come in contact with the information of your credit card, neither does it collect or stores in any other way its' data.

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